Engraving Your Personal Cube – The Perfect Gift

If you’ve ever seen a diamond that has three or four separate facets instead of just two, chances are that it’s a three-dimensional crystal. A professionally engraving crystal with a three-dimensional appearance can also be added as an attractive option to a diamond to create a special gift.

Professional laser engravers can add a custom stamped 2D or three-dimensional photo to a beautiful crystallized diamond for any special occasion. Engraved crystals can also be used to personalize jewelry pieces, birthstones, corporate gifts, anniversary presents, and holiday gifts. In addition, professionally laser-cut crystals can be used for special weddings and corporate events. Each side of the engraved crystal will display your chosen 3D photo, making the three-dimensional Crystal Diamond cube even more unique from every angle.

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and custom-designed 3D crystal diamond cube can add the finishing touch to a piece of diamond jewelry or a unique wedding or corporate gift. Each side of your cube can be customized with your chosen photograph, name, message, or logo. A wide variety of colors, styles, and themes are available to help you create a truly one-of-a-kind crystal that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Engraved crystals with names, initials, dates, and special messages can also be engraved to provide a unique gift.

Choosing the correct dimension for a diamond crystal cube is very important. A cube that is too large could be unsightly or difficult to wear. The right size should be at least as wide as the stone that it is to adorn, preferably more. For the perfect cube, a three-inch by four-inch diamond should be sufficient. To create a stunning cube, use the same size diamonds for both sides. To ensure that your cube is the correct size, measure the width and length of the front of a crystal in inches and the height in feet.

Another detail that is important when engraving diamond cubes is the location and orientation of the diamond. In the case of a cube that is going to be worn or given as a gift, place the top half of the diamond toward the wearer or recipient. When choosing a cube that will be worn, place the bottom half towards the recipient. This ensures that the three-dimensional appearance of the cube is maintained. Engraving the placement is a simple process. Simply insert the top half into the slot on the back and the bottom half into the slot on the front. Place the two diamonds next to each other using the slot on the back, creating a perfect square and triangular shape.

In addition, the location and orientation of the diamond when it is going to be displayed should be taken into consideration as well. If the cube will be displayed on a shelf or table, a rectangular cube with the bottom half facing up will look better. Similarly, if the cube will be on a mantle or coffee table, the bottom half should face down.

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