3D Laser Engraving

3D Laser Engraving is great method that creates 3D images of logos, patterns, designs, etc. With 3D laser engraved files, the laser is activated to enable the light to pass through the engraver’s layers of etching so that the dark regions of the original material get maximum exposure while the light regions skip over engraving areas. This is done so that the file we can see in our computer monitor or printed on paper can be virtually identical to the original design with the only difference being the colour change.

The process of engraving uses two processes – the first is called the traditional engraver and the second is the digital engraver. In the traditional method, an iron plate is fixed on the work surface with a hand-held tool for transferring the design engraved by the hand onto the metal surface. Electrical current runs through the plate and the circuit is activated, which causes the engraved design to transfer from the hand tool onto the metal using the electrical impulse. This is a slow process since the engraver has to continue moving to the circuit gets trigger again. Digital engraves do not need any plate for transfer since the image is engraved directly onto the digital substrate. They are also more time-efficient than the traditional method.

It is the latest technology in creating laser engraved images. This technique is used for the production of embossed, debossed, textured, raised print, foil stamp impressions, polygonal, metal stamping, melamine, and rubber stamping. This can be applied for the production of high-quality engraved plaques, card-ports, cases, tags, lanyards, wristwatches, keyrings, and various other items. It is cheaper and time-effective in comparison with the traditional method. It has an advantage of producing intricate details in a faster and better way.

There are different types of machines used for 3d laser engraving like the desktop, laptop, desktop plus, stand alone, and server machines. The desktop machines are compact and simple to use. The images produced by the user are portable and the image quality is good enough for most of the consumers. However, they are low in capacity because of its size. Therefore, it is not suitable for large volume engravings.

The stand alone 3d laser engraving machine is big in size and capable of engraving on a wide variety of materials. It can handle heavy graphic design jobs because of its ability to withstand the load. The stand alone machine offers more convenience than the other machines because it can perform several tasks with one single machine. These machines are suitable for the home users because they are easy to maintain and are less expensive compared to the desktop machines.

The laptop is another type of machine that engraving on the surface of various materials using the laser beam. They are smaller than desktop and standalone machines. Laptop machines also come with various engraver options. They produce lighter file cuts and are good for quick job process. With engravings done on the laptop by the laser machine, you can do more work at the same time because the machine can handle the heavy graphic design jobs simultaneously.